From Survive to Thrive

POSTPONED due to Covid-19. Pending lifting of Australian/NZ border restrictions + + Join us on a 6 day discovery to embrace your unique flow to a richer life

Is your life good but fails to light you up? Do you sometimes wonder if there is more to life than the one you are living? Maybe you are you ready for a change but not sure where to start or what needs shifting? Or perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed with all the global chaos... 

This 6-day women’s retreat will allow you to experience and create this heightened state of living.

Imagine what your life might look like if you were THRIVING rather than SURVIVING... There would be less overwhelm, restlessness, boredom, self-doubt, disconnect, or apathy… and more clarity, confidence, purpose, trust, and gratitude.  

You would move from the state of “just enough” to one of “more than enough” and this would impact your wellbeing, health, and your belief in YOU.

But what does this take and why don't you already have it?

Too many of us are merely surviving…in a world full of distraction our attention and time are constantly being seduced. We are all BUSY and society encourages us to wear this like a badge of honour.  Busyness is an epidemic and it is spreading.  

Many of us are just overstretched and others use busyness as a tonic to numb the feelings that are buried deep… yet this strategy is unsustainable.  Eventually those feelings become toxic and eat away at us from within, sometimes spreading outwards to those we love.

Too much busyness breeds anxiety, overwhelm, and powerlessness.  It teases the perfectionist within and shows us that nothing can ever be good enough…therefore we are not good enough.

Things will not change if we do not choose and commit to a new way of being

On this intimate women’s only retreat you will reflect, learn, discover, connect, play, share, and grow.  You will also learn, experience, and come home with a plan on how you can THRIVE whatever your circumstances.

It will give you:

  • The time and space to gain insight into yourself
  • Provide a deep inner nourishment
  • Promote a calming nurturing experience
  • Help you find a way forward with more inner peace
  • Give you some tools to keep you moving in the right direction
  • A chance to try on a few different yoga styles, therapies, and practices
  • Provide an intimate community of like-minded women for friendship and support

The retreat is really great for: Busy working mum’s, busy career women that have put their business first, busy women that struggle to make time for themselves or lead a balanced life, women who are overwhelmed or at a crossroad and looking to reconnect with themselves, find peace and clarity, and a renewed sense of purpose.

You will leave relaxed...  Calm and peaceful on a much deeper level.  You will have renewed clarity and passion and a better sense of who you are, and who you are stepping into.  You will have new women friends who can hold space for you if you want them to, and a sense of confidence in what you bring to the world.  You will feel optimistic and grateful and leave with a box of tools you can choose at will.

Join us on this transformative journey

There are 12 spaces available for women only and a combination of single and shared accommodation.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the difference between surviving and thriving and the 4 key staging areas of life
  • Learn what is out of balance in your present circumstances and some ways to bring things into greater harmony
  • Using Allison’s signature 3 pillars framework, you will build your support pillar to  promote and sustain transformation, activate the desire pillar to create a life that is in tune with who you really are, and embrace the pillar of release to discard the things that are holding you back
  • Learn how creating a balanced life and boosting resilience can help you manage anxiety, residual stress, and overwhelm
  • Discover ways to manage the hustle and flow of life
  • Experience the beauty of balancing Yin and Yang
  • Reflect on how a balanced life might look for you in your current circumstances
  • Dive deep into two models to help you gain more clarity into how you might shift your current habits
  • Learn about the 5 key things that sabotage growth and explore how to minimise them
  • Understand the distinction between dynamic vs static balance
  • Learn a box of tools to take home which will help you live a life of THRIVE
  • Experience a variety of methods and teachings to allow you to choose what feels best for you
  • Experience a balanced approach to yoga and come away with some new insight and a practice you can continue at home

In addition:

There will be nature and beach walks available, fireside songs, sunset spas, connection with a small group of like-minded others, a chance to walk away with new friends, 24/7 access to post retreat integration FB group, and airport transfers can be arranged.

Whats included

  • 6 nights’ accommodation (twin share and private accommodation available – book early to reserve your preference)
  • Daily yoga and Pranayama – 90 min practice in the morning and evening *no experience necessary
  • 3 wholesome and healthy plant-based meals
  • 90 Minute Kinesiology balance with Kevin Ellison of Ignio Wellness
  • Two daily workshop sessions with Allison Summers:
  • Pre-coaching call with Allison prior to the retreat
  • Group workshops and Individual sessions on Reflection, Intention setting, Journaling
  • Powerful meditations
  • Exercises to open your mind and heart
  • Exposure to a box of tools you can take home with you.

Whats not included

Allison Summers

Allison is the former founder of Harmonious Solutions Pty Ltd where she spent over 18 years designing and delivering tailored training programs, strategy sessions, and coaching individuals both in the U.S and Australia.

She survived a fast-paced adrenaline lifestyle in California as a single mother, to realise the critical importance of achieving a balanced lifestyle, and has since changed her life to one that supports and sustains this.

Using her balanced lifestyle as a grounding support, she upped the ante to open her life up to THRIVE as a daily practice and loves working with women who are ready to do the same.

She is currently a practicing facilitator/guide/coach who designs and delivers wellness programs and retreats for individuals and organisations and offers one on one support for individuals wanting a bit more individualised support.

Her approach includes experimenting with different tools and techniques, self reflection, mindset strategies, meditation, breath work, eating a healthy plant-based diet, movement, journalling, and using nature inspired gifts.

She believes that too many of us suffer from information overload, overwhelm, and far too much busyness...To move into THRIVE we must first create time and space to unplug, de-stress, and come back to ourselves so we can make individual choices that support and sustain us on all levels.  

Allison is passionate about helping women find purpose, clarity, and reconnect to life's passions.  Demonstrating that a balanced lifestyle is not only possible but essential to moving from surviving to thriving, she brings a wealth of experience and personal stories to share with clients.  

She is also a mother, wife, avid yogi, plant based cook, traveller, reader, and lover of nature.

Kevin Ellison

Kevin is a practicing Kinesiologist and is registered with the Australian Institute of Kinesiology.  

He has the unique ability to work within his accredited teaching protocol and use his intuition to work more deeply with each client to assist them in working through their unique priority matters to gain relevant information and greater clarity for them to take their next best steps.  

His approach enables him to work with clients to release old patterns and blocks (they may or may not be aware they are carrying) that may also be keeping them stuck and/or limiting their performance or potential in some way.

He has a passion for health which started with the plant and animal kingdom growing up in New Zealand.  In addition to Kinesiology, he has also studied art and sustainable agriculture, and loves assisting clients to create and maintain functional and food gardens.


Full board prices range from $2310 - $3180pp.

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Retreat Schedule
Feb 1, 2021

This retreat was postponed from July due to Covid-19 restrictions. Watch this space for confirmation if this will go ahead in February 2021

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